I love you, Daddy

Kazon giving me a head-butt

Never could I describe to you the overwhelming joy of such moments.  Never could I explain the unspoken words communicated in such affectionate caresses.


3 thoughts on “I love you, Daddy”

  1. Nothing quite like the head butt of love. It’s a kiss, see the bliss in the closed eyes. My sister’s cat follows up by giving a quick lick on your face with his tongue. I guess he’s making up for the fact that she only has cats and no dogs. It’s very much a greeting thing with him, happy to see you and greet you.

  2. That’s the kind of thing Kazon does–give kisses and head-butts.

    And you’re quite right about the bliss in those closed eyes, the love inherent in the touch. If only you could hear the purr that goes along with it…

  3. My Kiki used to give massive headibutts, despite her small size. Then, she would put her little cold nose in my ear and I could hear her breathing and purrs – it used to send goose bumps down my spine!

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