Because she hates you


I began this post with a bit of humor…


But then I looked at these images and pondered Kako‘s disposition.


And then I began remembering precisely why her proclivity for lying on the back of the couch and facing away from everyone else in the room made for an uproarious laughter-fest.

It was Derek who first pointed out this preternatural tendency to demonstrate profound disdain.  As I reviewed these images, I laughed until I cried, and then I cried because I wanted so much for him to see these pictures, to appreciate that Kako remains disgusted by intrusions upon her time, that she still sleeps facing the wall in undeniable revulsion at those why might stare, might rest their prying eyes upon her dainty figure.

She so enjoys this declaration of importance: that she would rather face the wall and rest her eyes upon its stoic, unchanging form than to have to look upon the repulsive faces of us insignificant beings.

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