That’s something I rarely see

Just after I moved, I was able to capture a rare and seldom seen phenomenon — all four of The Kids resting together.  There are certain combinations I've come to expect, but it's very rare to see all four of them resting in close proximity to each other.  That's just not their style except when it's time to go to bed, in which case they all join me.

I've added the picture to The Kids gallery as well as below.

All four of The Kids together (138_3874)

[left to right: Kazon, Kako, Grendel and Loki]

2 thoughts on “That’s something I rarely see”

  1. Yes, I thought it was a great picture.  And I know I still owe you one.  I've been very busy with work (overwhelmed is more like it), but I’ll get one to you as quickly as I can (even if I have to take a new one).

    And I love you too!

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