Betty does it again

Once again I must thank Betty Bowers for being America's Best Christian and telling it like it is.  I happily gorged myself on her latest newsletter and hurled headway into laughing uproariously.  Betty truly does express in words what so many of us feel, and I appreciate that level of honesty from a conservative who so rapturously enforces the conservative Christian ethic — hate everyone equally, especially if they're different from you; practice religion your own way because the bible is for wimps; Dubya is satan's… er… uh… god's gift to the planet; you can never vacation enough, especially when world affairs are at risk; Pat Robertson is indeed a spiritual leader, but those he designates for divine elimination should be more carefully selected; and Focus on the Family is the world’s bestest converter of gays to the heterosexual way, most likely because they know (never having been gay and having not a single clue what that must be like) that gays choose to be that way, that every gay is a straight person looking for help, and that you can never parade around enough "converted" queers to satisfy everyone.

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