How many rabbits do you see?

Mom loves to concoct scenes for animals at the family farm.  She puts together neat little photography landscapes, tosses in one or more of the local fauna, and basically tries to capture whatever pictures come from her menagerie.  Because rabbits are so darn cute and easily transportable, they make wonderful subjects.

Yet the bunnies are not always cooperative.  Take the picture below as an example.  It started with two young rabbits in the basket.  How quickly the scene degraded into cottontail chaos.

While one remained inside the basket, the other decided exploration sounded like a lot more fun.  Look closely and you’ll see on the left side of the photo precisely what I mean.

One rabbit in a basket while another sneaks behind the scene (140_4053)

By the way, this photo is from the same session as this one and this one.  I have a few others but will wait to post those at future dates when I’m jonesin’ for a bunny fix.

And as I noted in that first link, “rabbits have very little interest in being directed.”

4 thoughts on “How many rabbits do you see?”

  1. Cute fluffy bunny butt! Have you ever checked out BirdChick’s blog (you can find a link from my blog if not)? She often blogs about her disapproving bunny Cinnamon – it’s too cute.

  2. Jason,

    I think your mom should have a gallery for her bunny vignettes. I’m picturing all these wonderful bunny images in one place. It would be fantastic.

  3. Interesting idea, mArniAc. She’s interested in doing some blogging, but her focus is as a family newsletter (something she does know and e-mails to everyone). I do have a lot of her photos–just not all–and am picking through them for blog fodder. You’ll see them as they pop up. Otherwise, I’ll talk to her about doing a gallery. She’s quite busy (farm, work, family, etc.) and may not have the time, but it never hurts to ask.

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