More photo publication news

From an e-mail received last Tuesday:

This is just a note to keep in touch. [The book] got pushed back a bit by two other guidebooks but I’m just starting back in on it.

And from an e-mail sent today:

To what address should I mail a contract for you to sign? I don’t have your last name, either. Also, how would you like the photo credit to read?

Don’t assume more from this than is necessary: the standard review and contract process, not to mention the justifiable pre-publication steps in case one of my photos winds up in the final publication.

Still. . .couldn’t you just spit!?!?

Well, at least do a happy dance, right?

To be contacted and considered is an honor in my sincere opinion, especially considering photography is nothing more than a hobby for me—with an increasingly crippled camera, no less!

[regarding the possibility of having one of my photos included in a regional field guide to wildflowers, one published by a respectable company and written by some prominent naturalists; the saga began here and continued here, here, and here]

3 thoughts on “More photo publication news”

  1. As I’ve been laid low by a nasty cold, spitting might get me arrested and I don’t have the strength to dance a happy dance 4 you, so I’ll just shout "YAAAAAY!!!! Way 2 go!" and crawl back into my snuggly bed.

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Juston! I appreciate it.

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve not been well, Randy. Having suffered through some flavor of the plague myself in the last few weeks, you have my sympathy. I hope you’re better soon.

    As for the photo, it’s all wait and see at this point, but I share your excitement a thousandfold. What an unexpected treat it would be to have this happen.

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